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Here at Naturitalia, production quality control is a tool for technical and company growth and an important guarantee to offer our customers and consumers.

To homogenise and improve the quality standards of our own fruit and vegetable products, a well-structured control system has been developed from the field through to when the products leave the packaging plants.

The planting methods and growing techniques are meticulously checked by technical staff in the fields, who work alongside the producers every day; the fresh product is harvested and sent to processing facilities so it can be refrigerated, packaged and shipped to the customer.

Checks are run all throughout these phases using the most sophisticated technologies to ensure the product fully meets Italian and international hygiene and sanitary standards. Careful chemical analysis is taken on product samples throughout the production chain, from the field to the packaging plant, ensuring our fruit and vegetables are wholesome.

Naturitalia believes that wholesome production is a quality requirement and one of the company’s main duties towards its customers and consumers.

Strict controls at the various phases of the supply chain

1. During growing

2. At harvest time

3. During processing with incoming samples

4. The products are selected

4. During packaging

4. At the store