The business

Naturitalia produces and distributes
fresh fruit and vegetables in Italy and around the world

The range

Naturitalia offers a complete range
of fresh fruit and vegetables grown in Italy

The figures

Naturitalia is one of the main
Italian Cooperative Groups in the fruit and vegetable sector



Some of the best Italian fruits and vegetables which have been awarded
the European Union’s quality labels for specific traditions and qualities…


News & Eventi


The stone fruits of the Emilia Romagna cooperatives of Naturitalia

Emilia-Romagna, a fertile Region in Northern Italy, is renowned for its agricultural wealth, producing some...

10 June 2024
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Grapes of excellence: unveiling the secrets behind quality

In the realm of agriculture, few fruits evoke the same level of admiration and fascination...

23 May 2024
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Naturitalia celebrates 20 years of activity

A prestigious milestone for Naturitalia, which celebrated its first twenty years of activity from 2003...

26 May 2023
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Ondine Club delicious flat peaches and nectarines

Naturitalia group will be among the first to cultivate and harvest the new Ondine peach...

26 May 2023
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